Marketing a Tampa Raccoon Removal Business to be Profitable

Anyone that has a raccoon removal or general pest control company in Florida can make it a successful one. You just have to be willing to budget for a good marketing campaign. Here’s how to put together a successful marketing plan.

Marketing Raccoon Removal to be a Profitable Venture

Florida raccoon removal companies have to let people know they are available to do this kind of work. If you can make sure you get your company in front of people that are likely to need your help, you can make more money. Some companies rely only on word of mouth at first, and they end up not getting much business because nobody really knows they exist outside of a small circle of people. One goal needs to be to show your ads to those that live in the immediate area you are targeting to operate in.

Run Ads for Trapping Raccoons

Ads need to speak to the people you’re wanting to have contact you. You can, for instance, base them around families. Talk in the posts you make and the ads you put up about keeping everyone in a home safe. When you work on anything like advertisements, keep track of everything related to your company.

It’s important to have a way to track the calls that come in from specific ads. Then, it becomes a lot easier for you to know what works and what type of ads you need to avoid. Always be willing to pull back out of a campaign if it’s not doing anything for your company or causes you to lose business.

Customer Care

When you do finally have a few people contact you, treat all of them well. A successful business doesn’t just have to get people to pay for their services, they also have to have people that come back time and again for help. You only have a limited amount of people in a city or around it that can benefit from your services. You don’t want to just rely on new families moving into the area. When someone is able to call you to remove the raccoons, rats, or squirrels that have gotten in their home or business and you do a good job for them, then they will call you for their other pest control needs and you’ll have a lot more success in the local area.

Get Good Reviews

Reputation management is a good idea to try working with. You will find that a lot of people read up on a company online before they shop with them. Forbes has a great article on 10 Things You Need to Know About Online Reputation Management.

Learn what people are posting online and try to help those that are not happy with the experience they had with you. If you can make the situation right, they may rewrite the review or they at least may become a return customer. There are reputation management services that you can hire to work on making sure good reviews are out there and that you keep up with the online search results related to your company’s keywords.


It’s highly recommended to become a member of the FPMA – Florida Pest Management Association Inc. The association represents pest control companies and operators within the state of Florida and their members adhere to a code of ethics. Adhering to these ethics and abiding by rules that are for the best interest of the business is a good way to be better at the service you provide.

What makes a raccoon removal Tampa company a successful one? The key to having success in this niche is to always provide customers with the service they need, while reaching out to more people through marketing. Eventually you will have more than enough clients for this to be very profitable for you.